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Our strong relationships with leading international and local manufacturers in the renewable energy sector, places us in an ideal position to create unified functional systems that meet the needs of the most demanding situations.

Commitment to improve the performance of existing technologies and to keep pace with ever-growing energy efficiency demands, places us in the best position to develop optimal custom-made system integration solutions for projects of any magnitude.

Using the broad range of skills of our in-house team, plus an extensive research and development (R&D) program, enables us to offer unique design concepts and innovative solutions, of benefit to most environmental challenges.



wind turbines

Vertical axis wind generators
The vertical aspect of the wind generator (vertical rotation) has several advantages: it is multi-directional; it is less noisy; and is most suitable for built-up areas The wind energy efficiency is proportional to wind strength and strategic locations.



Photovoltaic system

Solar photovoltaic systems
Photovoltaic (PV) systems are widely known for using solar panels with crystalline or amorphous cells to produce electricity from sunlight. Amorphous cells are most effective when exposed to the radiation of UV, other light sources and not only the sun. The system consists of various components including inverter and batteries to store energy.



Solar street lights
Well-designed solar street lights are easy to install and illuminate large areas with the highest intensity of light. They are an excellent example of what can be achieved with solar energy. Units include solar LED lights and a solar photovoltaic panels, making them independent of the electricity grid.


solar collectors

Solar parabolic collectors
Solar parabolic collectors are designed to reflect and absorb sunlight, transforming it into heat. These versatile systems are used for heating, cooling, and power generation. Often large scale in area, these installations are project and site-specific and can produce large quantities of renewable energy.


Water heating

Solar water heating
The systems are comprised of solar evacuated tubes and storage tanks - available in different sizes - and are usually positioned horizontally on roof tops. They are one of the most cost-effective solar solutions that can be installed in most geographical locations.


Proprietary technologies
Our in-house team researches and develops innovative technological solutions for the most challenging system integration and project specific issues. Our capability to design and build prototypes, as well as system integration components, gives us a unique project specific advantage.

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