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Present generations call for healthy living spaces that consume less energy and are more sustainable. There is an ever-increasing availability of cost-effective products and leading edge technologies that make it possible to build more sustainable environments without compromising aesthetics and budgets.

We adopt a system integration approach that combines a variety of technologies to develop site-specific solutions and unique building integration proposals.

The systems are designed by an international multidisciplinary team of professionals that translates the latest ideas and technologies into the best possible environmentally sustainable outcomes.

Benefits of our participation
  • Access to the best and the most advanced state-of-the-art eco-sustainable technologies;
  • A team of highly experienced international and local professionals working together to develop the best possible solutions;
  • Full participation in all project stages for the best utilisation of expertise and environmentally sound technologies;
  • Your ideal project partner committed to reducing energy consumption and enhancing natural processes.
We provide

Management TEAM Experienced, highly qualified,dedicated and passionate TEAM

We create superior cost-effective ecologically integrated environments in new buildings and retro-fit existing buildings

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Honeywell Office Campus, Bangalore, India Building integration, Vertical Axis Wind Turbines


Honeywell Office Campus, Hyderabad, India Solar Parabolic Concentrators for Cooling System


Solar Water Heating System, (a & b) Swimming Pool, Bay of Islands, New Zealand and (c) Western Canteen, Puttaparthi, India


Solar Photo Voltaic System Installation (a & b) Bay of Islands, New Zealand and (c) Sonnestrahl Consortium, Arizona, USA


Proposed 10 Mw Solar Photovoltaic Farm, India, to include food production with rainwater harvesting